Friday, 18 May 2012

North Devon Woodturners.

Last night I did a demo for the North Devon Woodturners in a little old church hall about 5 miles outside Barnstable.
There was about 40 members turned up and I think they all enjoyed it I certainly did.They had a table with a lot of really nice work on it.They obviously have some very talented turners in the club.The finish on a lot of the work was amazing.The only disappointment was that novice turners had not put anything on the table.They are probably feeling a bit in awe of the good turners in the club.This is a pity as I think the novices would benefit a great deal by showing their works to the rest of the members it would make them work harder to achieve good results.There is no reason why novice turners should be deterred from showing their works as we are all novices when we start out.
I really enjoyed last night they were a great bunch.
I am hoping to get some pics of the works that were displayed on the club table and I will then put them on this thread.
Thank you North Devon Woodturners for a great night I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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