Thursday, 24 May 2012

Half a dozen bowls

Hi all.
I have been invited to take part in two exhibition's so I have prepared a few pieces.
The first one is in the Somerton Gallery of The Somerset guild of Craftsman of which I am a member.The exhibition is in July so I have plenty of time but I thought I would go on and make something.The theme is Gold so I have made an Ash bowl 13" x 2" and coloured the rim with Gold iridescent paint.

To enlarge pics left click on pic

The other Exhibition is the Devon Guild of Craftsman Gallery Bovey Tracey in Devon.This Exhibition is next month and I have been invited to show several pieces .I am going to take a selection of bowls Hollow Forms and Wall plaques and let them choose the ones they would like to show.The following pics are the bowls I will be taking.These are the same size as the one above and the bottom is an OG shape.


  1. These are stunning George. You really are getting the hang of this Jo Sonje colouring - the effects are really amazing

  2. Hi George

    Lovely work George. You have certainly taken wide rim colour bowls to another level, the best out therte for sure.

  3. Thank you Mark.
    Yesterday I attended a course on colouring using the Jo Sonja,s paints.Although I have been using for some time now yesterday I leaned some new techniques that I will be using soon.

  4. Hi George

    I am looking forward to seeing your new work with the techniques and learning some from you.

  5. Hi Mark.
    I spent all day yesterday practising but it is not as easy as someone who has been doing it for years makes it look.But I will persevere until I get the results I want.