Wednesday, 16 February 2011

VivaMac DB 1000

Went to see my mate Richard Fairbrother today and had a go on his VivaMac 1000 lathe.
A nice solid lathe but I would not swap it for my Nova.
I roughed out some wet Cherry and Sycamore bowls but found it slow compared with the Nova.
The difference seems to be that the WivaMac takes time to wind up to speed and takes quite a lot of time to slow down.
Another thing it is not very quick to swivel the head .
I don't think it is as powerful as The Nova.
Taking big cuts it seemed that I could stall it if I was not careful.
With the Nova you would have to be quite brutal to stall it.
                                                           Click on pic to make it bigger


  1. What a lot of mess you made!!....still thanks for roughing out the bowls, and the bacon sandwich!! Lunch will be at 12.30 tomorrow :-)