Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bandsawing session

I have just been cutting some blanks from Beech.
This wood came from a tree that was felled on the Quantock hills about two years ago.
It has bee stored in a container with sticks between each layer to allow air circulation.
This is is all that i have left ,I probably started off with about six times as much as this.
It all cost me about £200 00 so it was a very good buy.
The two shorter pieces are 5" thick and the two long pieces are 2.5" thick
To get the most out of the planks I use a selection of thin disc's cut from ply.

It is surprising how much more you get and how little wastage there is using this simple method
Don't forget to mark your centres it saves a lot of time later on.

It is a bit awkward cutting these on my own.The thick ones are just about as much as I can comfortably lift.
I manage it with a bit of support from my Nova.
It is a good idea to have some wedges handy just in case your blade starts to tighten or jams.
This should keep me going for a day or two.
A good selection of round bowl and platter blanks and some vase blanks.


  1. Hello George,I am still enjoying reading your Blog it is very informative.Every picture tells a story it helps to understand the processes.Regards John(JDS)

  2. Hello George,I still enjoy reading your Blog.I find it very informative.The photographs with the commentary helps me to understand.I could never do what you do on the same scale because of the size of my workshop and my tools.But I can just down size.Regards John (JDS)

  3. Thank you John.
    I struggle with some of these big pieces.
    I have a lot of Ash to cut up but it is just too heavy on my own.
    I will get my son Mark to help me.