Saturday, 26 February 2011

Roughing out.

Yesterday I bansawed some  Ash and Beech .Some of it is cut for Vase's and some for bowls.
It has all been air drying for a couple of years so it will need to be rough turned and given time to dry out enough to finish.
They are reasonably dry so will not need bagging .I will leave them in my wood store to air dry further until they are ready to finish.
Because some of these are too big to rough out over the bed I will use a faceplate.
Thats it with the outside roughed out and a spigot on.
The shape of these dictate the finished shape because they came from the outside of the tree.
They are too big to go over the bed so i use the outboard rest.

If I could sell shavings i would make a fortune.
All done as you can see most of them will be wide rimmed bowls.
Not a bad few hours work three hours inc a lunch break.
Not up to Glen Lucas standard but I am happy.

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