Friday, 25 February 2011

Another sawing up session.

I am trying to tidy up my wood stock here I have one piece of Beech that is about ten feet long and two pieces of Ash that are about the same lengh and it is all four inches thick.
The Ash is too heavy for one person to lift and cut up so I have got number one son Mark to help.
This is the Beech Mark is removing the bark and making a lot of woodlouse homeless.

The Beech ready for cutting it is a bit wet and will need a bit more drying time.
This one of the ash pieces there are two the same size and the have a lot of olive ripple in them.

To make it easier I have cut everything  strait across ,it is now ready to be cut into rounds and squares.
Some lovely colour in this Ash.
I have changed from a one inch blade to a 3/8" to cut the rounds.
Still using my discs as a guide.

That is the lot cut up into round from 16" to 10" and a load of 4" x 12" vase blanks.
The pile on the right are the Beech and they are up to 20" and will make nice platters.
It seems a shame to only use these rounds for one bowl so I might use a bowl saver on some of them.


  1. Excellent George. Now that you have cut it up I will be over to pick some up. Thought I would wait till the heavy work was done.