Friday, 11 February 2011

Pembroke club demo

I have just returned from a few days away in Pembroke south Wales.
While i was there i carried out a demo on making Wall Plaques for the Pembroke Woodturning Club who kindly made me a life member last February when i did a demo for them.
A bit of lighthearted banter,some serious turning and colouring went down well with the 25 members present.
Here are a few pics from the demo.
The pics are in no particular order they are as they came to me from one of the club members John Blake.


  1. Hi George

    It looks like it was a good demo. I see one of the members brought their bike for a quick get away.

    I always enjoy demo's as it is a good social event as well as a place to share ideas.

  2. Hi Mark.
    Yes it was a good demo they all seemed to enjoy it.
    The bike was there for me to make a quick get away if they started throwing things at me.