Monday, 4 May 2020

Mangle update 3

Made a start on the Rollers today having found out there is a special tool to make the holes for the shafts square it is too expensive for a one off. If you were making and selling a lot it would be worthwhile.

I would like to have turned the Rollers from Sycamore or Beach but I dont have anything suitable the only thing I do have is Oak not my first choice but should be OK.
The piece of Oak is about 7 feet long and 6" x 4.5" that will be OK for 4" x 20" Rollers
I thought cutting this size of Oak on my new Sliding Mitre Saw would be a real test but it went through it like a hot knife through Butter.

 Two 20" x  4.5"x 4.5" pieces of Oak cut up on  on the Bandsaw.
 I have ripped the two pieces into 4 pieces 4.5"x 2.25"
 The two sides that will be glued together have to be perfectly flat so the joint is almost invisible.
A couple of passes over the planer does the trick.
 Setting up the Router to create the one inch square slot the length of the Rollers.
 This shows the first pass on the Router Table altogether 4 passes on each piece.This has to be quite a tight fit on the bar so needs to be accurate.
 Perfect a nice snug fit.
Gluing up with Tightbond adhesive I am very impressed with it.

Glued and Clamped they will be cured enough to work on tomorrow.

 I will be turning the Rollers this will be on my update Tomorrow 

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