Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Mangle Restoration 4

The forecast this morning was for rain so although I was going to do the rollers first thing as it might rain it made sense to do outside work first before the rain came.I do the grinding of outside as there is enough dust in the Workshop without adding rust dust to it.

 That is all the bits and pieces cleaned ready for priming.

 I primed these after making the Rollers.
To make life a bit easier i knocked up a quick jig to hold the blanks for cutting of the corners on the Bandsaw not something I would normally do but with this hard old Oak it made life easier.

With square holes in the ends I had to come up with a way to hold the blanks and as the metal shafts had an indent in each end it seemed a possible way was to do them with a shaft in.As you can see the tailstock is not holding by much and with the bar in the whole thing is very heavy.I had a go as you can see but to be honest it was more than a little scary.
 I decided it was just too dangerous and there had to be a safer way.Searching through my pile of Jaws I found this set of small pin Jaws that were very rarely used but they turned out to be a perfect fit in the square hole Problem solved.
 Now that feels safer.
 Both Rollers are turned down to the 4" diameter required and as they had to be dead strait they were checked with a strait edge.The final cut was done with a Skew Chisel that left a good finish and to make sure they were dead flat I used a long board with the first abrasive.
 Both Rollers turned and a coat of Teak Oil applied.
I am very pleased with how these turned out you cannot see the join.

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