Saturday, 2 May 2020

Mangle Restoration 1.

I have started a new Project the restoration of this very old mangle that was made in Bridgwater.It has been sitting about outside my Workshop for probably about 5 years.
We Were having a look around
Several years ago and I saw them thowing this old Mangle in the back of a truck with a load of rubbish when I asked them what they were going to do with it they said they were going to dump it.I thought it would be worth restoring one day and Lock down is an ideal time to do it.

As you can see it is in poor condition but everything is there exept the wooden trays front and back.

 The wooden rollers are very bad and need replacing
 First job is to take it apart most off the bolts could be undone but some had to be cut off.
 Rollers and gearing removed

 A nice bit of detail that will look good when it is completed
 The name appears to be The Bungalow
 The rollers are as hard as nails and I am sure they are Sycamore

A nice pile of bits ready to be worked on 

Now I have a problem the rollers are 20" long and have a square hole the full length .I have no idea how they did this and it gives me a problem as I have no idea at the moment how to get over it .I will probably make the new rollers in two halves lengthways with a Routered square.


  1. Looks great George obviously done with lots of love and care
    all the best Ged meager

  2. Thank you Gerald I am pleased how it turned out.