Saturday, 22 June 2019

Simonds second day

I worked Simon hard today and instead of a simple bowl today he did an Oak bowl.
Not a simple bowl this one includes scorching and  colouring.
The important thing for the two days was to get Simon to do the various cuts automatically and without having to give them too much thought.
This is the big advantage of doing two days the second day reinforces what you learnt the first day.
This one is more of a platter really as it is not very thick.
Here are pics taken throughout the day.

Not a terribly good picture 

 14" x 2" Oak blank held on with screw chuck and tail stock support
 Shaping up the bottom with a pull cut
 Bottom shaped and being sanded with the Simon Hope Pro Sander
 Sanded to 1000 G and creating a recess.I normally always prefer a spigot but not on Oak it is known to have the spigot sheer of so a recess is safer
 Recess created and a bit of fancy texturing added
 Blank reversed and the rim being sanded ready for scorching and colouring
Green bin perfect for holding blanks for scorching.I use Map gas for scorching because it is hotter than Propane and works quicker therefore avoids distorting the piece.
 All scorched and although it is difficult to see Simon is removing the soft grain with a Bronze bristle brush.
 Applying Martin Saban smiths Purple coloured wax
 Rim well coloured

 Removing the bowl centre and taking care to check for depth as this is quite a shallow bowl.
 Scraping inside of bowl to remove any small tooling marks prior to sanding.
 Sanding wit Simon Hope Pro sander
That's it Bowl completed we then remove spigots from yesterdays Bowls
 Sanding base of yesterdays bowls
 Not a bad two days work very well done Simon

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  1. Having recently retired I finally have time to pursue wood turning as a hobby. I found George Foweraker's website 'Artistry in Wood' advertised in the Wood Turning magazine and decided to book a 2 day course before choosing a lathe. I am so glad I did that! George was able to advise me on best choice of lathe and also recommend some turning and sharpening tools.
    The 2 day course is good value as it gives enough time to cover lots of essential information and to allow me to actually try some bowl turning under George's expert tuition and watchful eye. I learnt a great deal and found both George and his wife Sue were excellent hosts with plenty of tea / coffee breaks and lunch was provided! I came way with 3 lovely bowls (impossible without George's knowledge guidance) and great deal of useful information not least of safe use of the lathe and the tools but also sanding and finishing which is so important to achieve good result. I now feel confident enough to get a lathe and begin to practice and hopefully master the art of wood turning. I would thoroughly recommend George's course to anyone thinking of taking up the hobby.
    Thanks again George and Sue
    All the Best and hope to see you both again before too long.
    Simon Crozier