Thursday, 20 June 2019

Practicing What I preach

I am always preaching that Tuition is a short cut to good results with Woodturning.
In the past I have had Tuition from six of the top turners in the country. This is all part of my desire to keep improving and extending my knowledge..
Today I have had further Tuition from Paul Hannaby  https://www.creative-woodturning.com/  in the casting and applications of Pewter in Woodturning.
Paul did a Demo in our Club on Pewter work but unfortunately although it was something I had always wanted to get involved it I was unable to make the meeting and missed the Demo.
Recently I have done a couple of pieces that Incorporated Pewter but really I was working blind and I could see there is a lot more to it than I realised.

I spent about half a day with Paul and really enjoyed it as well as learning a hell of a lot.
I took a few pics but as I was getting Tuition it was a bit difficult to do a really detailed WIP so when I have had some more practise I will do a detailed WIP .
Here are a few pics to go on with.

Goncalo Alves Blank mounted on screw chuck

Pewter poured into pre prepaired mould fixed to lathe and face trued up

Checking the Pewter rim for a good fit to rim of Bowl
 Glue applied and Rim put under pressuse to allow glue to dry.
 Finnished Bowl.

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