Saturday, 8 June 2019

Dave and Les

Today my Students were Dave and Les both good company and quick learners.
They started off with identical Sycamore Blanks but ended up with totally different Bowls.
Both went for coloured rims.
As you can see from the Pics they enjoyed their day here


  1. Thank you George for an interesting experience day and also to Sue for providing the food and drink throughout the day, also many thanks for picking me up from the campsite.
    After the necessary health and safety instruction you gave enough theory and demonstrated the techniques at each stage of producing a bowl. After practice and your patience my holding of the wood gouge was removing wood successfully.

    By the end of the day I had produced a bowl that I and my wife are very pleased with, the addition of the texture and colour as well as the shape make it a nice feature piece.

    Thanks again for an inspiring and interesting day.

    1. Hi Les

      I am very pleased your Wife liked the Bowl you made.
      It was a pleasure having you here and if you are ever passing pop in for a cuppa'