Thursday, 21 November 2019

Update on Devon Wood

Further to my post below I have now cut the Wood I got from Devon into Bowl Blanks.
The figuring in this Wood is stunning as you can see from my updated Pics below

 All ready to cut into Bowl blanks
Cut into Rounds to Make Beautiful Bowls when roughed out and dry

 How about that for Figuring

 I thought some of the Blanks were to thick for what I wanted so what seems like a safe way to cut them in half was to do it on the Lathe with a Chainsaw.I fixed them on a Face plate and put the indexing pin in to stop them spinning.I think two thinner bowls are going to be worth more than one thick one.

 I cut just under half way through the n turned them so as not to get the saw near the Lathe bed.

 This is the result twice as many nice blanks

 A full Builders bag off of cuts for my Granddaughter Ali and Partner Reg's fire next winter

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