Thursday, 28 November 2019

Alister is Back

ALister was here a few weeks ago for a taster day and to see if he wanted to take up Woodturning as a hobby
He obviously enjoyed it because he has been out and bought all the equipment that I recommended and has come back for a second lesson.
It is always nice to see that you have converted someone to be a Woodturner.
As you can see Alister turned a very respectful Sycamore Bowl and Christmas tree.

Very well done Alister I look forward to seeing you and your Turnings in the future


  1. I have always liked the idea of woodturning and thanks to George it is now a reality. The day I spent with George was time well spent as George really knows his stuff and is able to transfer that knowledge in a clear and concise way so you do not get bamboozled. There is quite a bit to learn but you get to do it in stages so you never overstretch yourself and always remain safe. Woodturning may not be the cheapest hobby to get started with but it has a value and satisfaction in time well spent, producing something beautiful out of a rough lump of wood. Thanks George, I wonder if Santa could get a lathe down the chimney?

  2. Thanks for the great Review Ed it is appreciated .
    I think you better be nice to Fiona she is in contact with Santa
    If you decide to take it up talk to me before you rush out and spend your Christmas money LOL
    have a good Christmas mate

  3. A return visit to George after some 11-weeks spent clearing and repairing a small garage in order to embark on Woodturning as a retirement hobby. We agreed it was important to spend the day understanding correct use of tools and sharpening before embarking on projects on my own (new) lathe. Again, thank you to George for a most enjoyable day, his factual, sympathetic and reassuring instruction is much appreciated and already proving beneficial. Many thanks also for Sue’s hospitality keeping me well topped up with coffee and a filling soup for lunch followed by mince pie.

  4. Thank you for the Review Alister we are pleased you enjoyed your day here .
    Let me know how you are getting on and some pictures of your work would be nice