Thursday, 21 November 2019

Roughing out tomorrow

Spending the day roughing out bowls tomorrow the wood I got from Devon earlier in the week.For them that dont know what roughing out bowls is it is taking a wet or recently cut down piece of wood cutting it into a round then turning it to an oversize rough Bowl.This allows the wood to dry a lot quicker than it would as a thick round.The first picture is a Bowl blank about 75mm thick and it would take about 3 years to air dry enough to turn to a finished Bowl.The second Pic is a roughed out Bowl and the thickness has been reduced to about 30mm so will dry enough to Finnish in half the time.A tree will have anything up to 50% water and we need to get the water content down to about 12% to be low enough to create a finished bowl and this is a way of shortening the drying time

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