Saturday, 31 August 2019

Alan a very fast learner

Alan my Student today was very quick to pick up turning and this made my day very easy.
Anybody can learn Woodturning given enough time but sometimes you get somebody that you just know would pick it up quickly and make a good Woodturner and Alan was one of them.
I only had to show him something once and he could very soon do it.
Alan's finish strait of the tools was unusually good and left very little scraping and sanding he also had a very good eye for form.

Very well done Alan .
A couple of pics from the day '

A nice 11" x 3" Sycamore Blank
The bottom of the bowl has already been finished at this stage  the top turned an being sanded

 I showed Alan some Texturing Techniques and after a bit of practice Alan textured the bowls wide rim with the Crown tools Texturning tool and added some colour.

 Final sanding of inner Bowl
 Finished Bowl and a very pleased Alan.

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  1. Many thanks to George for an excellent day. He is an intuitive teacher and fills you with complete confidence. He is an expert in both the physics of wood and wood turning, as well as having the artistic flair you would expect in a master craftsman. Highly recommend anyone to take this course. Many thanks also to Sue for keeping us topped up with coffee and a lovely lunch.