Monday, 9 September 2019

Alister and Mike

Alister and mike were my Students on Saturday.
Alister is Mike's father in law and they were treated to a days Woodturning by Alister's Wife Catherine and Mike's Wife Helen.
We had a very enjoyable day they both did well and were good company.
It was a taster day and Alister enjoyed it so much he is going to sort out his garage and get Woodturning equipment as he has just retired and needs a hobby.
I am sure I will be seeing more of them in the future

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  1. An enormous thank you to George for a most enjoyable day to re-introduce me to Woodturning (50+years since early attempt at school). He provided so much information (not all remembered) on various interesting techniques, tools, materials and finishes. His relaxed and jovial manner was very engaging, with a strong emphasis on safety and a hands on approach, he very comfortably oversaw two of us stepping in as necessary to correct minor issues throughout the day. Much inspired, Woodturning is now set to become my new retirement hobby and I hope to meet George again for further guidance on suitable equipment and perhaps a further course.?

    Many thanks also for Sue’s hospitality keeping us well watered and fed throughout the day with regular supplies of tea/coffee/cold drinks, biscuits and a very welcome lunch sat out in their sheltered garden outside the workshop.