Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jan and Sue

Today I had two lovely Ladies for a days Tuition they have both been here before and they wanted to just have a day of Bowl turning and good company.
We had a very relaxed day and the Ladies both turned very respectable Beech Bowls as you can see from the following picture.
Jan and Sue had never met before today but as they were both about the same ability and both wanted to come I arranged so they could come together and take advantage of the lower rate for two people.
This is something I plan to do in the future as I want to cut down on the amount of days teaching I do.
Having Students two at a time helps me and they gain by paying less.


  1. Just like old times George Thank you for a smashing day full of banter and laughter and the end product, a super bowl of which I am justifiably proud as it is the first time I have been anywhere near a lathe in two years. I think it just goes to show I must have had a damned good teacher when I started out! Thanks again to George, Jan and , of course, Susan.

  2. Thank you Sue always a pleasure to have you here

  3. George, thank you for a brilliant second days tuition. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned so much. I felt having two ‘students’ worked well and enjoyed the additional company - thanks Sue. I am so pleased with my bowl and look forward to putting into practice all I have learned. Thanks also to Susan for lunch and ‘on demand’ beverages.