Tuesday, 14 November 2017

John's high speed turning

Not easy sometimes to rid people of bad habits and John is a good example although I think I won in the end.John has been turning for a number of years and did everything at high speed and after two days of nagging I think I have convinced him to have more consideration for the wood to slow down and treat the wood more kindly as this is the way to get good results.The first day John when given the choice between Sycamore and Cedar of lebanon John chose the Cedar and turned a very nice bowl.On the second day John brought a piece of Oak that he had for a long time and he turned a very nice wide rimmed Bowl with a textured and scorcher rim.
Well done John.


  1. Dear George
    Thank you for a very enjoyable 2 days, and for your patience in trying to sort out 40 years of self taught bad practice and mistaken techniques. I think you have set me on the path to a new era of enjoying turning.
    My only slightly adverse comment might be, that given the importance of sharp tools, we could have been made to sharpen our own, to ensure we had the right technique.
    You were going to let me have a memorandum of the turning techniques, which you had developed.
    It was great to meet you and your wife.
    Best wishes

  2. Hello John.
    Thank you for your feedback it is very much apreciated.If you remember I took quite a bit of time to show you how to set up the Jig and profile and sharpen tools.I also showed you how to free hand sharpen your tools.I explained the reasons for the way my tools are profiled and sharpened.I never let anybody use my sharpening jigs or sharpen my tools because in the past Students have altered my settings by accident and then it takes me time to reset them wasting valuble teaching time. if they have tried sharpening on the wrong settings I have to completly reset and regrind more teaching time wasted.
    I also gave my opinions on the four differant sharpening systems in my workshop to help you chose the right system for you.