Sunday, 12 November 2017

An eventful day

Quite an eventful day yesterday.
Yesterday and the day before I had two students here Paul and Ian.
Paul has been here quite a number of times and is always good company and he loves his woodturning.
Friday went well both Students making beautiful Bowls from some Cedar of Lebanon.
The plan was to have a days bowl turning and the following day to be spindle turning.
Second day all going fine both Students practising beads and coves when all of a sudden Paul said I don't feel right I feel giddy and unsteady on my feet.
I keep a good solid bar stool in the workshop because sometimes elderly Students need a sit down for a few minutes.I sat Paul on the stool thinking it would pass in a minute or two but things did not improve.Rather than take any chances I rang 999 and spoke to the ambulance service who could not have been more helpful.After explaining all the symptoms they said they would send out some medics.Within about five minutes two first responder turned up followed by an ambulance and two medics.After extensive tests they said they thought Paul might have an middle ear infection but to be on the safe side they would take him to Weston Super Mare hospital for a scan.After a long wait Paul was told they could not do a scan because it was a weekend.Just rang Paul and he has numbness down his right hand side inc his foot and hands.
In the morning he is going to ring his own doctor and take his advise lets hope all is OK.
I have a couple of pictures below.
I will update this post as I get more news.


  1. What a great couple of days with George at His workshop in Burnham on Sea.
    Having been turning for about 3 years, self taught, with second hand tools, I thought it was about time to get some tuition.
    George tailored the days to suit my requirements, theory, safety, correct use of tools and their profiles all discussed in depth.
    The first day we completed a Cedar of Lebanon bowl, with a better finish than I have achieved in 3 years! All down to sharp and correct tools (not sanding)
    Day two we went through various spindle turning techniques, coves, beads, v.cuts etc.
    Then George suggested that I complete one of his bowls, again the interior of the bowl had a good finish.
    The two days were interspersed with lunch and tea breaks provided by Georges wife Susan.
    All in all, I had two great days, filled with good advice, plenty of tips and tricks and good humour from George.
    I now feel more confident, l that I learnt more in these two days, than I have in three years (being self taught!)
    Hopefully I will be back.

    Thanks George and Susan.

  2. Spoke to Paul yesterday evening and he is feeling a lot better but the doctors still dont seem to know what the problem is