Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cedar of Lebanon

On Tuesday of this week at about two O clock we arrived home after two weeks away on a Cruise, at about four thirty Val a neighbour came in and told me the very next day they were having a large tree cut down in their front garden.
I was familiar with the tree as we used to live opposite them it was a Cedar of Lebanon about forty feet high.
Never refusing free wood if it is something interesting I told her I would be pleased to have it and I would make her something nice from it.
I got up a bit late for me on Wednesday morning about eight O clock because I was tired from our holiday too much food and too much booze.
By the time I got there the tree surgeon and crew had all the branches of the tree cut off and were about to fell the main trunk in three pieces as it was quite close to the house.
They asked me how much of the trunk I wanted and being greedy I said I would take the lot.
I guess the trunk must have been at least two tons because my van was well overloaded but it was only one hundred yards from my workshop so  I didn't worry about it.
As soon as I got it home I started processing it into blanks but at the end of the day I was less than half way through so I called on my Brother Chris to come and help me on the Thursday because I have six students next week and I wanted my van empty and my workshop clear.
Here are some pics I took

The first one shows all the wood packed into my can from the floor to the roof. As you can see it is beautiful wood

The bowl blanks are the ones I did on my own on the Wednesday the squares are cut to thickness ready to be cut into rounds
Me cutting the wood to thickness
 Brother Chris cutting to thickness we took it in turns as this is quite hard on the arms and shoulders after a while
 Cutting the squares into round Bowl blanks

 A couple of pics of me cutting into rounds

 We finally ended up with one hundred and ninety seven bowl blanks and about fifty Hollow form and fruit blanks.
 This is about half of the off cuts our Son Mark took the rest Wednesday night and our Daughter Tracey took these today
 All the bowl blanks ,Hollow form and fruit blanks in the van which we delivered to our stre in Bridgwater.
Two hard days work but worth it I expect these to be dry enough to turn in about three years

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