Saturday, 23 April 2016

A very pleasant day with Tim

Tim's wife Catherine treated him to a days woodturning tuition as a Christmas present and I am pleased she did because he was very good company. I do not like working on a weekend but sometimes it is the only day a Student can make it. As Tim was such good company and easy to teach I can honestly say I enjoyed today.
Tim got on so well he even had time to do some colouring.
Thank you Tim for making life easy for me today it is very much appreciated

I hope Catherine was pleased with the colour of the rim


  1. Dear George,
    Just a note to say many thanks for the word-turning tuition today. I had
    a very enjoyable time - and Catherine was pleased with the end result
    too. Thanks for taking the time to add the coloured finish.
    You are a great teacher, having high standards but being patient when I
    kept on holding the gouge at the wrong angle!
    Please thank Susan for the drinks, biscuits & a very nice lunch.
    I might take you up sometime on your offer of some advice on what to
    buy. A workshop is high on the list of requirements for a new house.
    Best regards,Tim

  2. I must say you do look pleased with yourself.
    I enjoyed today I found you very easy company and that makes it easy for me I am pleased Catherine likes her Bowl.
    If you decide to take up turning in the future give me a ring and I will do anything I can to help
    You obviously found it very easy today so I am sure you would make a good woodturner