Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A busy week

Another three students today that is five up to now this week and one more to come. Normally I would only teach a maximum of three but as these were a father and two sons I made an exception. They were easy company which made it an easy enjoyable day and they went away with a very presentable Beech bowl each as the pics will show.
Thank you Pete Dave and Steven I enjoyed the day as I am sure you did.

 Steven's blank was particularly nice and it was not easy to turn but the result made it all worth while
 As you can see there was a lot of figuring in it.


  1. Dear George
    I had tried sending a email using your website but that did not seem to work.
    Thanks once again for the great wood turning day that myself, Stephen and David had. It was most enjoyable and everyone has been very impressed with the bowls that we made. Our appetites have been wetted and I am sure that we will take it up as a hobby once we can finance the necessary equipment.
    On another front, if you have lots of sawdust you want to get rid of I could use some for putting in our compost bins.
    All the best
    Peter, Stephen and David

  2. Hello Peter I don't know why the Website did not work for you I will get it checked out.I am very pleased you all enjoyed your day here.