Thursday, 30 October 2014

Neale and Alex.

Today Father and son Neale and Alex spent a day here so that Alex could improve his woodturning skills.
Alex is a scond year student of carpentry in his local colledge.
To help him with his woodturning Neale bought him a small lathe with tools and sensably brought him to me to learn basic tooling and safety.
The day went well and they both produced a nice Beech bowl to take home.


  1. I booked this for my son and decided to join in too.
    Despite a dodgy taste in music George was thorough and explained the process in great detail and terms my son could comprehend. We came away with 2 top class bowls, a large dose of confidence for my son and the knowledge to continue the involvement of the craft.
    As a man that calls a spade a shovel George is quick to identify incorrect technique, and will put you on the correct path quickly. Don't expect any airs & graces but good old fashioned teaching that gets results.

  2. Thank you Neil.I am surprised an old boy like you doesn't appreciate Country music I will get some Rapp for when you come next time.
    You both did well and it was a very enjoyable day.