Monday, 3 November 2014

David goes for Gold

Today my student David was given a choice of woods either Sycamore or Ash and he chose Ash.
David decided he would like to make a wide rimmed bowl and do some coloring on the rim time permitting.As David got on so well he had time to ebonise and gold guild the rim.
Here are a few pics to show how he got on and I think the result is something to be proud of.

A nice oliveAsh blank

 Applieng the Guilt cream after ebonising

A final buffing

Very nice David

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  1. It was a steep learning curve but is an invaluable experience for anybody wanting a taste of woodturning. I learnt an enormous amount, much of it I wouldn't have found in a book or by trial and error, such as when feeling the curved surface of the bowl for irregularities keep your eyes closed - the brain 'sees' far more than if it is having to cope with your eyes looking at something else at the same time!

    I very interesting, satisfying and above all enjoyable day. I'm now all fired up to clear out the garage and get a lathe and then I will go back for another day with George to make sure that my first efforts 'flying solo" will be as enjoyable and productive as was the first days tuition.

    Thanks George.