Thursday, 17 April 2014

Well done Andrew

Andrew today's student is a qualified carpenter and joiner so has experience using sharp tools and wood.
Because Andrew had considerable experience as a carpenter and joiner woodturning come to him quite easily and he was able to complete two bowls including one in Ash with an ebonised and gilded rim.The second bowl was turned from Cherry.
Both bowls were completed to a very high standard and I am sure Andrew will go on to be an accomplished woodturner 

 Removing the soft grain prior to ebonising and gilding with a bronze brush
 Two coats of ebonising lacquer wax polish in the center to stop the paint getting sucked up the end grain 

Applying the gilt cream

 Removing the spigot from the Cherry bowl
 A final polish and they are both finished.
 Very well done Andrew two very nice bowls


  1. I would just like to say how much I enjoyed my day’s woodturning with George. Particularly rewarding was the opportunity to have a go at some decorative work (ebonizing and grain filling with gold) which felt quite artistic!
    George is relaxed and patient and I found his overall teaching style to be very encouraging. I now feel inspired to take the plunge, buy the kit and set up a lathe at home. Many thanks to you George!
    Andrew Robinson, Bucks.

  2. Thank you Andrew I am very pleased you enjoyed your day here.Keep practicing stay safe and come back some time in the future