Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Burnham on Sea lighthouse Trail.

My workshop has been taken over for more than a week while myself and helpers Ali Dell (Granddaughter) Sue Mead's, Colleen Blake and Reg Day.Most of the work was done by Ali who plugged away conscientiously for several days.
There have been 32 of these lighthouses made by local furniture maker Woodbury Bros and Haines.
A few years ago the wife of one of the companys directors sadly died from cancer and this project is to raise money for a cancer charity.
On the third of May they will all be placed around the local area and at a later date auctioned of for charity.
Ours is the one with Punch and Judy.
We had to choose a name for our lighthouse and we chose Seaside fun.

Ali working away
 Sue's bucket and spade
 Ours in my workshop just before completion

 Ali with the tropical scene she painted

 Ali with the side that Sue painted

Sue Meads

Ali and Colleen

 This side was painted by Colleen and Ali's partner Reg

 Sue painted this side
 Ali painted this side
 Ali painted this side


  1. What a result - magic xx

  2. Great project George. I hope it raises a lot of money for the charity.

    1. Thank you Mark we have already been promised quite a lot of money and we are hoping that our Woodturning club will make a donation.We are having a Committee meeting on Monday so it will be discussed then.