Thursday, 3 April 2014

Brown Oak hollow form

I have recently been accused of only putting up pics of students that come to my workshop.That is probably true as I have been so busy teaching that I have not had a lot of time to produce any new work.
Today I have made a hollow form just to let you all know that I have not forgotten how to to do it
This H/F is 150 mm high by 120 mm wide turned from some brown Oak that one of my students gave me.Finished with Chestnut Acrylic satin laquar and buffed.


  1. A lovely form and finish George. I would love to turn some of this wood. :-)

  2. I will bring you on a piece when I see you at Yandle's show

  3. Thanks for that, I know a good few customers that would love a form turned out of this wood.

  4. GeorgeLove the colour of the timber in this form not sure if it needs to be so shiny it might be distracting but hey ho horses and all that.Where can I see some of your work I may be interested in buying an item like this one.
    Thomas Piane.Haverhill.

  5. Thank you Thomas I am pleased you like it.
    It is not quite this shiny when you see it in the flesh.I have a small Gallery of work here in Burnham on Sea Or the outlets listed on my Website