Saturday, 4 May 2013

The bristol guild of applied Art

Last October I was contacted by Mr Ken Straddling Director of the Bristol Guild of applied Art asking if I would be interested in supplying them with some of my work.The bristol guild is one of the best Galleries in the country and one of the largest covering four buildings in Park St Bristol. Link to the Bristol Guild
Due to pressure of work I only managed to take some pieces there last Tuesday.
Mr Straddling bought seven pieces and took several more on sale or return so obviously I am very pleased
It is really good to get your work accepted by such a prestigious gallery.

Within the Gallery is The Ken Straddling private collection which is a collection of works from all over the world collected by Ken Straddling over the last sixty five years.
This collection has over four hundred pieces of work from some of the best makers in the world  and Ken Straddling bought one of my pieces to go in the collection this is a great honer indeed and I am very proud.


  1. Well done George, you must be very pleased - a great achievement!

  2. Well done George very pleased for you

    1. George you deserve it you work very hard at your trade I know sometimes you get frustrated with inferior work but that is because you are so dedicated Enjoy Regards John

    2. Thank you John.
      You are right I do get frustrated with turners who sell inferior work when sometimes all it takes is a bit more time to make it perfect

  3. Thank you John and Sue.
    It is an amazing Gallery and to have a piece go into the Ken Straddling collection is fantastic.
    Having your work go into a private collection like that is an honour.

  4. Have been doing a bit of research on Ken Stradling - a name I remembered when living in Bristol. To have your work accepted by a gentleman of his stature is indeed a great honour! and I quote...
    "Since 1948 when Ken Stradling first joined the Bristol Guild of Applied Art he has been collecting twentieth and twenty first century crafts and has become an influential figure in the south-west of England - promoting good design and an appreciation and awareness of the best of crafts and the applied arts.
    For 60 years he has sought out new and innovative works for the Guild's galleries and showrooms and created a fine collection of his own - a window on his particular interests in furniture, wood, glass and especially ceramics"

  5. Thank you for getting that info for me I appreciate it.
    Ken Straddling gave me a guided tour of his private collection and it is quite amazing.At the moment it is only available to private viewings but Ken said that some time in the future it will be displayed for public viewing.
    Thank you for your comment I would very much appreciate it if you included your name.

  6. Well done George, I have not viewed your blog for a while. Obviously I am aware you you getting your work into here, but wanted to congratulate you on this achievement.

  7. Thank you Mark.
    Your support and guidance has been a big help to me and is very much appreciated.