Sunday, 12 May 2013


Last Thursday I did an evening demo for the Kennet and Avon Woodturning club at Trowbridge.
It was a very enjoyable evening with a lot of audience participation.
I demonstrated how to turn a thin walled bowl with the foot removed.The bowl was about 8" x 3" x about 2mm thick.A bit risky for a demo doing something as thin as this as it can easily go wrong.It is probably more sense to do something less likely to go wrong but it just seemed more fun to do something risky and the audience seemed to enjoy it.
After completing the bowl I turned a pair of crotch bowls to show how to get a pair of pretty bowls from a bit of wood that you would probably throw away.

I have not done as many evening Demo's this year because I think I did too many last year and they can be very tiring.
There is a lot of preparation and loading up before you go and this can take up to half a day and you have to sort it all back into your workshop the day after.
Getting home at around midnight is a bit tiring and when I arrive home I need to stay up for about an hour to wind down.
Having said all that I do enjoy doing Demo's but in the future I will be more inclined to do all day Demo's they are not as tiring and better value for the club.

I had good news when I got home from Trowbridg, Jane from Yandles had telephoned to ask if I would Demo in their September show.
As most of you will know this is a two day show and very popular with the woodworking fraternity.
In my opinion the Yandle's shows are the best in the country and it is always a pleasure to be there.

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