Monday, 6 May 2013

North Somerset Art week 2013

The county of Somerset is split into two areas for their annual art weeks and I think it is because it is quite a large county.
The Art weeks are venues  were several artists of different disciplines get together and display their works for the benefit of visitors This goes from Friday the 3rd of May until Monday the 12th May.
There are over 300 Artists in 100 plus venues so obviously  a lot to see.
I am in the South Somerset area and we have our Art weeks in the beginning of September.
Yesterday my wife Sue and I visited about half a dozen venues and I have taken a few pics for you to look at.
The standard of work in most of the venues is very high.

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  1. Hi George The arts weeks are always enjoyable to visit or partake in. A lot of lovely work but I see little in the way of wood turned items. Did you get a brochure of the arts week as it would be interesting to know if any turners were infact displaying work. In the Dorset and Wiltshire ones there are quite a few that display. Thanks for sharing the pics.