Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Somerset Woodturners Club

Last night I did my first Demo of the year at the Somerset Woodturning Club.A great night and a great crowd,lots of questions and lots of banter.If the rest of my Dem's this year go as well as that I will be more than pleased.
My subject for the Demo was how to make a two foot high candlestick to hold a church type candle.
I explained the way I designed this candle,how to draw up the design,how to make a template to follow and then completed the three parts.After gluing up the candlestick was coloured and finished.Safety and correct tooling were emphasised throughout the Demo.
Thank you all for making my first Demo of the year such a pleasure.

The one on the left is the one I made in the Demo to match the one on the right.
There is a differance in colour because the one on the right has been lihhtly scorched.


  1. Hi George I am pleased your Demo went well any chance of a photograph of the finished article
    Regards John

  2. Hi John.
    Thank you for commenting I have added a pic above

  3. Hi George, Thanks for the photographs not wishing to be critical
    they look a little top heavy.Regards John

  4. Hi John.
    It the way I have photographed them in real life the top is quite a bit smaller than the bottom