Saturday, 4 February 2012

Colaberation with Wendy

This is a Hollow form that I made quite a few years ago and because the form is all wrong it was going to be burnt.But instead I decided to use it as a canvas to practise some colouring techniques that I had been developing.
I have also been talking to friend of mine Wendy Dunt that I met through Somerset Art Works about doing some collaboration works.Wendy makes the most beautiful Ceramic pieces and we are going to do some
works combining paint effects,wood and ceramics.   Wendy's Website  I have been thinking for a long time that it would be good to do some work combining different media.Finding somebody you can work with is a very big step forward and I am sure we will be producing some good work in the near future.These colouring techniques would go well on ceramics I think.
Please keep an eye on this Blog to see future works.The easiest way is to go to the bottom of the Blog and sign up .      Left click on pics to enlarge.


  1. George these pictures are more clear than the ones you posted on the Forum I like this very much it looks like Marble Regards John

  2. Thank you John.It will be intereasting to see how this works on ceramics