Thursday, 16 February 2012

Berkshire Wooturning Association

Last night I had the pleasure of doing a Demo at the Berkshire Woodturners Assosiation.http://www.berkshirewoodturners.org.uk/ A very good and enjoyable evening.
I demonstrated how to plan out and turn a two foot high candlestick followed by a textured and coloured wide rimmed bowl.
Normally the candlestick takes a whole evening but in the venue the use for demo's they are unable to do any sanding therefore there was time left over to do some colouring and texturing.
I was absolutely amazed by the amount of equipment the club had.
There was a gantry above me with spotlights and camera,another camera and two projectors.It was like being in a big screen studio.
Thank you all for making my evening a lot of fun and a great night.
If any members read this and have any pics please forward them to me for my Blog

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