Sunday, 4 December 2011


I have neglected my blog lately mostly because not much has been happening.
The exhibition I took part in in Bath was hardly a success I sold nothing at all and not many of the other 18 makers sold either.Although the Exhibition was in the centre of bath and well promoted from a sales point of view it was not a success.I think it is a sign of the times nobody is spending.
In the new year I have several Demo's booked which I am looking forward to.Very difficult to think of what to demo as most club members have seen it all before.One club said don't do Hollow forms,Box's or bowls as we have seen enough of them.
I think I will be doing a demo on how to set out and make the large candlesticks I make as I think there are not enough between centre's work demonstrated.If anybody has any other ideas please let me know as I like to keep an open mind.
I suppose everybody is busy making Christmas decorations and small stuff to sell.I cant really get my head around making small stuff i find it too tedious.
I have been busy making Wall plaques and have got to produce new ones for a couple of Galleries the difficult bit is coming up with new ideas.I do enjoy making plaques and have a few ideas that I am working on and hope to show soon.

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