Saturday, 10 December 2011

Busy Busy.

I am busy making Wall Plaques to fulfil new orders.
I have an order for four to supply a new outlet that specialises in interiors.They see these as something that will go well in their bed department.
I also have to supply two to existing outlets.
As I make these I will be putting up a few random pics.

Here I have cut up some of the MDF and applied a coat of sealer.

This is the first one clamped up.

 Filler on all the joints and edges ready for sanding
Having a good table saw is a big advantage when doing this sort of work.
 The following pics show the material cut up and ready to assemble
The first pic is of painted black inserts ready for colouring and turning.
Some will be coloured with the Jo Sonja's system and some will have patterns turned on them.

 This pic shows one frame set glued up and epoxy filler applied to all the edges ready for sanding and painting.

Getting there slowly.
That is six new frames made .Two coats of sealer and one top coat .They will have another couple of coats of top coat sanded between coats with 1500 grit abrasive.
I am having a bit of a problem as the weather is so cold the drying time is extended.The paint is oil based so I cannot forse dry it as it would skin up and not go hard.


  1. Looking good George. All the best with the work.

  2. Hi Mark.
    They have now had a total of 6 coats and a last one will be going on today.In future I will be spraying them with Epoxy.It will be a lot quicker