Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Update on Wall plaque progress

Getting there slowly.
That is six new frames made made.Two coats of sealer and one top coat .They will have another couple of coats of top coat sanded between coats with 1500 grit abrasive.
I am having a bit of a problem as the weather is so cold the drying time is extended.The paint is oil based so I cannot forse dry it as it would skin up and not go hard.
Last night I left the heater on low heat in my workshop.

Click on pic to enlarge if required


  1. Looking good George, all the best with them.

  2. Last coat tomorrow then working on the inserts.The problem is I cannot do anything else in my workshop because of wet paint.Hope to finish them by the new year.I am trying to avoid working Christmas day.

  3. You'll have to build another workshop, or out source the spraying.