Thursday, 14 July 2011

More wood

I have just bought a load more wood and can feel a bandsawing and roughing out session coming on.
Dry Beech Ash and Sycamore.
Wet Sycamore.
Yesterday I cut this lot up into bowl blanks I have no Idea how many there are but as you can see there is quite a few.
The ones thrown randomly on the floor are all dry and ready to turn and finish.The ones int the three stacks are wet Sycamore and will all be roughed out for wide rimmed bowls to be dried slowly ready for turning and finishing in several months time.

That is all the wet Sycamore roughed out.40 in total.
This lot is all air dried I will still rough out a lot of them because although they are air dried it is still a good idea to rough them out and let them dry to the same as the workshop.  
This is the result 104 blanks from 18" x 5" down to 6" x 2" from the dry boards and 40 from the wet Sycamore.


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