Friday, 22 July 2011

A very nice present.

My wonderful wife Susan has bought me a new lathe.
It is an Axminster AW1416VS info What I like about this lathe is that you can turn up to 14" over the bed.
Most of the work I do is bowls between 10" and 13" so this is more than adequate also the short bed means I am able to make hollow forms without the swivel head.
I have had a bit of a go with it and it seems to be very powerful.
Time will tell but the only things I am a bit disappointed with is the 6" tool rest I think a lathe of this capacity needs a 9" or 10" rest.This is not a problem as I have a spare rest.
The only other thing is that the control box magnet does not seem powerful enough and I have knocked it off once and put a small crack in the casing.
One of the reasons I have got this lathe is because I intend doing more demo's in the future and at 40 kg it is easier to move than my Nova DVR.
I think I am going to be very pleased with this lathe.

Because I have now upgraded to this lathe I am selling my Axminster AWVSL lathe complete with K10 chuck and jaws.
This package from Axminster would cost £283  00 it is hardly used and for sale for £200 00.
I can be contacted on g.foweraker@sky.com

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