Sunday, 26 June 2011

Finishing texturing and colouring weekend completed.

That is our Finishing texturing and colouring weekend over.
I am now exhausted but it was well worth the effort as everybody seemed to have had a great weekend.
I only have one pic from today but I am hoping i will get some Emailed to me.

Today we gave out feedback forms and asked our students to give us honest feedback as that would help us for future courses.
Here is some of the feed back comments.

Beyond whet I expected.

Interesting and stimulating day.

Completely exceeded my expectations.

Any questions were demonstrated and explained.

Very enjoyable.

Email received

Many thanks for a great day yesterday. I really enjoyed my time at Burnham-on-Sea. Your relaxed manner and honest reaction to all things do you credit. Your insight and forthright delivery, coupled with your knowledge of the subject made it a pleasure to attend the day texturing and colouring course


  1. Hi George

    Your blog seems to be working fine to me.

    Looks as if you did a good job.

    Well done.

  2. Hi Mark.
    Everybody seemed to have gone away happy.