Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First class service from Axminster tools.

The head on my Axminster power carver has chosen now to pack up.
I need it the weekend for our Finishing texturing and colouring courses.
I made a call to Axminster tools and spoke to a very nice young lady Who put me through to Kevan in Technical.I explained the problem to him and he went through a few checks to carry out to make sure it was the head.
As it was I had already carried out the checks he suggested.
That sorted he said I will send you on a new head today free of charge.
You cannot beat that for service and it is the reason I buy from them whenever possible.
Thank you Axminster and Kevan


  1. Hi George

    I too have had nothing but excellent service from Axminster over the last 12 years. Not one complaint from me in this time.

    It is refreshing to find a company in todays climate that still treats the customer well.

  2. Yes Mark I agree 100% they are a first class company and could not be more helpful.
    What I like about them is that if you have a problem you are treated like a valued customer not a bloody nuisance which is how a lot of companys treat you.