Saturday, 4 June 2011

Disappointed with Axminster power Tools

I am a very big fan of Axminster Power Tools.I think their service and after sales are second to none but today I am very disappointed.I tried to order a new lathe an AW146USW just to be told they are out of stock and are not expected until the middle or end of July.
Either they have been very lucky with lots of orders or their ordering from the manufacturer needs some attention.
The woman on the telephone told me it was the manufacturers fault if that is the case maybe they should review their manufacturer.
The problem I have is that I do not know of another lathe with the same spec for the same money.
I have swallowed my pride and ordered one apparently they have orders for ten and they have ordered thirty from the manufacturer.


  1. Hi George

    Sorry to hear about the wait but at times these issues do arrise and there is no doubt that someone is at fault. But it happens on occassions, and the result of a person, for instance forgetting to send an email can at times have larger reprocussions.

    Axminster as you say are normally spot on and I have had nothing but fantastic service and products from them.

    Anyway what are you worrying about you have another five lathes you can use while you wait. :-)

  2. If it is a jet lathe you are talking about the problem of stock has been going on from last year i ordered mine from a local company which were being supplied by axminster. Axminster told me it would be months before more stock came in but this company got me one in five weeks of Axminster the guy in the shop told me they they get priority i had phoned Axminister a couple of days before mine arrived to see if they had got there order in and they were still saying it would be months the day after i had phoned Axminster the company i had ordered it from told me it would be delivered the next day I as suprised