Monday, 18 April 2011

Teaching today.

Todays tuition was for two of my regular Lady students Sue and Sheryl .
Both of these Lady's come to me for regular tuition which is a real pleasure as you can see them progress and improve.
They are both a real pleasure to teach as they both get a lot of pleasure from their turning and are prepared to listen and learn.
It is nice for a student to go away with something they have made on the day but it is also important to give them something to think about and exercises to do when they get home.
It is all to easy to send everybody home with a bowl, that is OK for a first lesson but after that they need to be moving on to more advanced work.
Today we briefly went through safety then moved on to the structure and seasoning of wood.
If you understand the structure of wood you will have a better understanding of how it cuts and the importance of working with the grain.
Understanding how to cut wood and season it can save you a lot of money in the long run.
If you are happy to go into your local hobby turning shop and buy prepared blanks at anything up to £15  00 each that is fine, but as you start to use more you find this gets very expensive.
I recently bought a lot off timber from a sawyer at Yandles show and after a bit of work and Patience these blanks will cost me about £2  00 each.
Lets get back to Sue and Sheryl .
The next thing we went through was tool sharpening and the importance of working with sharp and well profiled tools.
Both ladies then practised their tooling with the spindle roughing gouge,the spindle gouge,skew chisel and parting tool.
No matter how proficient you are with the tools it never hurts to have a practise and warm up session prior
to starting a project.
This took us up to lunch time and an opportunity to just sit relax and have a natter.
In the afternoon the ladies both made very nice goblets which was an opportunity to practise their  tooling on a proper piece.
As you can see from the pic above they both look well pleased with themselves and so they should they are both doing really well.


  1. What a great day George! Learnt loads which I will practise tomorrow and then try to make another goblet for next week's club session........although I don't know whether it will have a ring!
    Thanks again

  2. PS
    Just remembered I still owe you for those pen kits you got me from Axminster!

  3. Hi George,
    Looks as if my first comment wasn't recorded so here goes again............
    Great day, learnt loads which I will now put into practise and hopefully bring a goblet to next weeks' club session......don't know whether it will have the ring though!
    Happy days
    PS I still owe you for those pen kits from Axminster.....

  4. Hi Sue.
    As usual we had a very pleasant and rewarding day.
    Practise making the captive ring on a bit of spare wood before you try it on a goblet and you will soon get the hang of it.

  5. Hi George,
    Will phone Cheryl and put her in the picture. Made a lovely yew goblet and managed to make the captive ring. sellotaped it to the cup part while I sanded the shaft and then managed to break it undoing the sellotape....!!!!????whoops, back to the drawing board!

  6. Never mind all part of the learning curve

  7. I didn't think people were allowed to drink while using machinery.

    Looks like you all had a good day.

  8. Yes we did and as you can see Sue and Cheryl were pleased.And sober.