Friday, 15 April 2011

A surprise parcel

 It must be my lucky day.
This morning a parcel van pulled up and asked me to sign for a large parcel although i was not expecting anything being someone who cannot say no to something that might be free i took it.
I know i have fallen out with a few people in my time but  i am sure nobody hates me enough to send me a parcel bomb.
It turned out to be a selection of beautiful wood.
It was sent to me by Ian Methering from Turners Cabin the online shop for Woodturners as an example of some of the blanks they sell.
One of the blanks in the parcel was a lovely bit off crotch Ash.
Here is a bowl i made from it.

Thank you Ian if this is a typical sample of your wares i think you will have a lot of satisfied customers.

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