Friday, 30 November 2018

Gathering wood in Devon

A couple of weeks ago Myself ,Adam Cornish, Mark Sanger and my Son Mark spent an enjoyable day gathering wood on a private property in Devon.The trees had been cut down by a Professional tree Surgeon and we were harvesting suitable wood for turning from them.There was some really nice wood inc
Cedar of Leanon (Cedrus Labani )
Holm Oak (Quercue Ilex )
Turkey Oak (Quercus Cerris )
Yew (Taxus Baccata)
The Holm Oak had been cut down about three years ago and is heavily spalted.

Chainsaws used.
Husqvarna 372XP for the large wood with ripping chains and cross cut chains.
Husqvarna 135 for smaller branch wood.
Two super Chainsaws.

Some pictures taken throuught the day by Mark Sanger.

 The end of a very productive and enjoyable day.

How lucky are we to spend the day here

                                  The big saw goes through this Oak like hot butter

                                                         Adam giving orders LOL


 Lunch time Curry and rice
 Mark carrying wood up steep slope

 Mark doing what he does best posing
 Some lovely Yew

 Quite a carry thankfully not for me I was the Chainsaw Guy

Now I have to prosses this lot and that is not a five minute job.

All cut into rounds now ready to rough out .

Sizes from 12" x 3" to 18" x 6"

 That is not supposed to happen

 Spalted Holm Oak
That is my share roughed out and as soon as the outer surface is dry they will be end sealed and put away for the future.Roughly sixty the largest approx18"

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