Saturday, 17 November 2018

A birthday present for Nigel

My Student today was Nigel who's day here was a Birthday present from his Wife Linda.
This was Nigels first go at Woodturning and it was made harder for him because he turned a lovely textured and coloured Bowl from Oak.
I do not normally let first time Students use Oak for several reasons it is more expensive for me to buy it is harder to turn and I don't always have any of a suitable size for a Student to turn.
I recently put a picture up on Face book of some Oak I had bought and Nigel commented is some of that some for me so I thought why not.
I Had turned some nice oak Bowls recently that were scorched and coloured with Martin Saban Smiths coloured wax's.Nigel said he liked them and would like to make the same so that is what he did and turned out a very respectable bowl.
It is coloured with green Wax because Nigel said that is Linda's favourite colour.
Very well done Nigel

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