Friday, 8 December 2017

Shane is a natural

I know I have said this many times and I will probably say it many more times .Anybody can learn Woodturning ,some take to it strait away and some have to really work at it.You don't have to be strong ,it has nothing to do with strength you don't have to be particularly clever or be able to read and write but with application it is learnable.
If you want to make a very good Woodturner you have to apply yourself to the task and stick at it.In my opinion Tuition is the short cut to being a good Turner I know that has a cost but it is well worth it.Some good turners are self taught but most of them will admit that they would have improved a lot quicker if they had Tuition when they started out.
Would be woodturners come to me for Tuition and they vary greatly in their ability but the thing they all have in common is they enjoy Woodturning. Occasionally I get a Student that is that little bit special andhas a natural ability and my Student Shane today is one of these very lucky gifted people,in my opinion.Shane was very easy to teach and that is always a good sign.I only had to show him something once and not only was he very quickly able to do it he understood why he was doing it and it made sense to him.
Thanks for an easy day Shane Susan and I enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you again.
Stick at it Mate you have the makings of a good Woodturner.

Shane and thevery nice Beech bowl he turned today.

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  1. My Husband Shane has just come back from a days tuition with George. Still grinning from ear to ear! Couldn’t fault a thing, lovely people who couldn’t be more welcoming and helpful! Really enjoyed the day and has a lovely bowl to show for it and would highly recommend george to anyone!