Friday, 10 March 2017

Two days with Mark

Mark has been here for two days Woodturning Tuition and we seemed to really click I think it is due to his attitude and work ethic.
Mark has made up his mind that he wants to do woodworking and Turning some time in the future for a living and is prepared to work hard.
He is obviously prepared to work hard to achieve his goals and kept me on my toes for two solid days. The first day Mark turned a very nice Beech Bowl and still found time to practice some spindle turning.Today I asked Mark what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to make some square Sushi platters like some that I had made but he wanted to make them out of Ply. I have never turned Sushi platters out of ply so it was something new to me and I had no idea how they would turn out.
Taking great care because they were turned from square material and the corners were a safety concern work progressed as below. As you can see from the pics below they turned out very nice after texturing and scorching the edges. The rest of the day Mark practiced with the skew and although he did not make anything to take away other than his Bowls he got very proficient with the skew which has built his confidence no end.
Some pics taken during the day showing how the platters were made.
Blank mounted against a ply and Router mat disc turning to create a shallow spigot .
Spigot created and ready to shape the bottom of the platter.
 Bottom shaped sanded and given a good coat of Cellulose sanding sealer
 Shaping the bottom was done with a very careful pull cut taking care not to damage the corners
 Sanding was done with the Simon Hope pro sander taking great care on the corners
 Underside completed and ready for turning
 Turning the top surface
Mark turning the top surface ready for sanding very good upright comfortable stance
 Mark taking care when sanding with Pro sander
 Ready for edge texture and scorching
 Mark scorching after he had textured the edge.
 Removing the spigot on Vacuum chuck
 Completed Platters with the nice ply pattern
 A lot of time spent using the Skew and doing very well indeed
 Not satisfied with Bowl making Skew practice he then wanted to practice with the Crown Revolution hollowing tool.
Three nice Bowls to take home .