Saturday, 25 March 2017

Two days with Neil

Yesterday and today my Student was Neil who was here to learn Bowl and platter turning. Neil was very keen to turn a Bowl and a platter with some surface decoration.
We have had two great days Turning  and playing with textures and colours and Neil went away wit a lovely Beech Bowl and a lovely Beech Platter both with textured and coloured rims.
Below are some pics I took during the two days.


  1. Hi George & Susan,

    Just to say " A Big Thank you".

    What a lovely long weekend, which all started with my better-half - Terri stating, that as she could'nt knit and did not enjoy it,she would like to try weaving and had found a course run by a renowned weaver Janet King in Nether Stowey in Somerset.
    To make a trip of it,I thought I'd look for any woodturning or woodcraft courses available in the area and found that George Foweraker, a professional turner, ran courses in Burnham-on-sea,just down the road from Nether Stowey and would be able to give me 2days one to one tuition at the same time that my wife's course was being run.
    I was'nt sure what to expect or achieve, having seen examples of George's work on his website which was all of an extremely high standard and quality,such that I could never achieve with my small experience in the 2 days!
    Well, I was delighted. From the moment I met George and his lovely wife Susan, despite his insistence in calling me by the wrong name- Nigel for most of the first day,I knew we would have fun and I could learn a lot from him.
    Having decided to go for turning a platter or bowl and learn different texturing and decoration methods rather than hollow work we set too in his very impressive workshop.
    George's easy tuition manner was great,his course content and attention to detail, theory and particularly of safety, was a pleasure to work with, and I was very grateful for his patience of ny inexperience. Despite continuing to call me Nigel (my brother in Australia) and moaning at me in his broad Somerset brogue,for costing him for a plaster from his first aid box, when I nicked my finger, I really enjoyed my new found abilities!
    Coffee and teas and the nice lunches supplied by Susan,all added to the hospitality.
    I came away tired but very satisfied with the work done, having learned a lot and realising there's a load more to learn but its great fun in doing so.
    Weaving in Somerset looks as though it will continue at a pace,so,George and Susan,I shall be after Hollowing techniques next if you will let me!!
    Thanks again
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Neil

    Thank you for the positive feedback it is very much appreciated.
    I am very pleased you enjoyed your time here and I enjoyed your company you were a pleasure to teach.
    I hope you come here again as it will be good to see the improvements you make after practicing at home keep up the good work and if I can be of any help I am always on the end of the Tel.

    Regards George